Author: Sebastian Gomez

I love running a global guitar studio!

I am thrilled to have students from all corners of the world. When I switched careers from engineer to musician 8 years ago, I never imagined this to be possible; however, with technology making it easier to connect, I am able to truly create a world of music in my studio. In the United States,…
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The Secret to a Successful Music Study

CASE STUDY The Secret of Success Learning music is hard, even frustrating at times! Here are some tips to overcome the “Stormy Monday” blues when they hit!  Practice In my online studio we have a saying; “Practice makes Progress!” More than practicing perfectly, having a healthy guitar routine is important! Sitting down, even for a…
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5 Essential Guitar Upgrades That Will Save You Money

The sound of a guitar, like other instruments, will only be as good as the condition of its various parts. If your strings need to be changed or the nut is old, your sound probably won’t be as crisp and clear as it was when your guitar was brand new. If you purchased a used…
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Setting The Intonation On A Faber Bridge

Guest Post – Faber USA Intonating a guitar or bass can be a meticulous and time-consuming maintenance procedure, but the basic principles behind it are actually pretty simple. When an instrument is properly intonated, all the open strings and every note on the fretboard sound at their correct pitches. If your guitar still sounds noticeably…
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4 Creative Ways to Improvise on Solo Guitar

What do you do when the songs you want to play are too difficult to learn?
In this article we’ll explore how to break a song down and simplify it so that even a beginner can play the most difficult song.

Teacher Performance of “Moon River” for Solo Guitar

An original arrangement of “Mood River” by Henry Mancini from the classic song from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” The audio is the mic’d sound of my D’Angelico Excel EXL-1 Hope ya’ll enjoy this cover! “Moon river, wider than a mileI’m crossing you in style some dayOh, dream maker, you heart breakerWherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your…
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Are You Learning On The Right Type of Guitar?

When students ask me about new instruments, it’s often something like… “What guitar is right for this genre?” or… “What guitar will help me play like [insert artist name]?” Although there are better guitars for certain styles and genres, when starting out, the crucial point to consider before buying is…. Playability New students (I know…
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Do You Know These 3 Power Chord Shapes on Guitar?

by. Sebastian Gomez The POWER CHORD is a symbol of the guitar; of it’s character and might above other instruments. It allows anyone to pick up a guitar and star play songs within minutes! The shape of a Power Chord is simple and easy to learn and play. If you’ve never played one, try it…
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My Performance of America The Beautiful On Classical Guitar

Composed by Samuel A. WardPerformed by Sebastian Gomez Today, let us remember the brave men and women who have fought, struggled, and died for the freedoms we enjoy. In our prosperity and leisure, let’s not forget or take for granted the sacrifices made by those who help to keep out lives safe; those who today…
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The Secret to Great Guitar Solos

By. Sebastian Gomez The Pentatonic Scale. The most revered and treasured pattern to all guitarists. Many of us know it… but few really know it’s power. On the guitar, the pentatonic positions are easy to memorize, but too often they lead to robotic and lifeless playing. Today all that changes! There are a lot of…
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