The Secret to a Successful Music Study


The Secret of Success

Learning music is hard, even frustrating at times! Here are some tips to overcome the “Stormy Monday” blues when they hit! 


In my online studio we have a saying; “Practice makes Progress!” More than practicing perfectly, having a healthy guitar routine is important! Sitting down, even for a little every day and strumming some chords, eventually will lead to a fruitful daily practice routine!


Putting your heart into your hobby is sometimes more important than putting in the time. If you find you’re struggling to get motivated, make time to sit with your favorite songs and artists and remember why you love music! You gotta love it to want to do it!
If you don’t already have one, make an “inspiration” playlist and add your favorite songs. For some motivation try and check this list as you add songs: favorite guitar solo, favorite fingerpicking guitar song, favorite Beatles song, favorite 80’s electric guitar song, etc.


No man is an island. We all need friends, mentors, and role models to keep us motivated and accountable. Studying guitar is no exception. Seek out good musicians (and a good guitar teacher) to help encourage you and guide you through your journey!

Stick with it! 

Don’t give up! Your fingers may hurt and you might be frustrated with the F chord (trust me, we all are). But just remember – these are musical growing pains! Take regular breaks to breathe and stretch, but if you consistently chose to pick up your guitar, tune it up, and keep playing, you will reach your dreams!