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7 Essential Accessories Every Guitarist Needs!

There are THOUSANDS of guitar gadgets on the market. Some are great and you’ll use them every day. Others are fairly useless and you’ll wish you’d saved for another guitar! So I compiled this list so my students (and all my readers) can easily find what they need.These are all things I use daily as a teacher and gigging musician, so let’s see what they are.

Acoustic vs. Electric vs. Classical: Which is the BEST Guitar to Start On?

When students ask me about new instruments, it’s often something like… “What guitar is right for this genre?” or… “What guitar will help me play like [insert artist name]?” Although there are better guitars for certain styles and genres, when starting out, the crucial point to consider before buying is…. Playability New students (I know…
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America The Beautiful

Composed by Samuel A. WardPerformed by Sebastian Gomez Today, let us remember the brave men and women who have fought, struggled, and died for the freedoms we enjoy. In our prosperity and leisure, let’s not forget or take for granted the sacrifices made by those who help to keep out lives safe; those who today…
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3 Essential Flamenco Guitar Building Blocks

By. Sebastian Gomez Most people when they think of guitar they imagine two different things: shredding solos, or fast Spanish style acoustic! Today’s we’re looking at the latter, and the 3 building blocks that’ll put you on the path to fast Flamenco playing! If you haven’t read my post on the P.i.m.a. naming, check that…
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3 Finger-picking Hacks for Every Beginner

By. Sebastian Gomez Last week we looked mapped out our fingers to the guitar using the P.i.m.a technique. Today’s hacks are geared towards learning the notorious Travis Picking technique. What is Travis Picking you ask?? Think of any Folk tune, specially from the late 60’s and early 70’s; songs like Dust in the Wind or…
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The P.i.m.a. Guitar Trick

With the Spanish P.i.m.a. trick, finger-picking goes from being a mystery to a reality any guitarist can play!