Do You Know This Simple Guitar Fretboard Secret?

By. Sebastian Gomez Today I got a story for ya’ll. When I was first learning guitar I remember being envious of piano players. They never had any issue finding notes since they are nicely color coded; natural notes (C – D – E – F – G – A – B ) are white keys,…
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Do You Know This Easy Improvisation Trick On Guitar?

RE-HARMONIZATION! – it’s quick and easy way to spice up a piece of music. What is re-harmonization? For simplicity, we can define it as swapping the chords in a song with new ones to create a different sound. This technique is used often in jazz music and can seem overly complicated.

Do You Know These 3 Flamenco Guitar Tricks?

By. Sebastian Gomez Most people when they think of guitar they imagine two different things: shredding solos, or fast Spanish style acoustic! Today’s we’re looking at the latter, and the 3 building blocks that’ll put you on the path to fast Flamenco playing! If you haven’t read my post on the P.i.m.a. naming, check that…
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How to Travis-Pick Like a Pro on Guitar!

By. Sebastian Gomez Last week we looked mapped out our fingers to the guitar using the P.i.m.a technique. Today’s hacks are geared towards learning the notorious Travis Picking technique. What is Travis Picking you ask?? Think of any Folk tune, specially from the late 60’s and early 70’s; songs like Dust in the Wind or…
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The Most Important Fingerpicking Lesson for Guitar!

With the Spanish P.i.m.a. trick, finger-picking goes from being a mystery to a reality any guitarist can play!

Music: The Best Anti-Anxiety Medicine.

By. Sebastian Gomez How do you (personally) deal with anxiety? Maybe you hit the gym, drink some hot tea, binge watch the newest Netflix original, or (if things are looking really bleak) the classic paper bag technique. Well science suggests that you should add a musical instrument to your daily dose of anti-anxiety activities. Dr.…
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