Music: The Best Anti-Anxiety Medicine.

By. Sebastian Gomez

How do you (personally) deal with anxiety? Maybe you hit the gym, drink some hot tea, binge watch the newest Netflix original, or (if things are looking really bleak) the classic paper bag technique.

Well science suggests that you should add a musical instrument to your daily dose of anti-anxiety activities.

Dr. James Hudziak, professor of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, has studied the brain scans of 232 children ages 6-18 and found playing music had altered their brains, specifically the areas used for mood-regulation and motor skills.

Students in the study showed improved concentration, attention span, and problem solving skills, all important for dealing with anxiety. But adults, don’t panic; you can still reap the benefits!

Adults who learn a musical instrument have shown to manage stress better, and as a result, sleep better as well, on top of which memory is also improved, since music can evokes emotions stimulating memory recollection .

Fostering a musical skills helps ones determination, and with every missed note and frustration, a student learn how to better handle stressful situations, and gains clarity for facing day to day problems.

Now as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” I teach five adults currently, four of which told me since starting lessons they could now manage their anxiety better and have more confidence to face problems in their life.

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I’m no music therapist, but my personal prescription the next time you feel the burdens of life heavy on your shoulders is START MAKING SOME MUSIC!

I would love to help you out! My online music lessons have helped hundreds of students learn music with use of hi-fi technologies, a library of video guitar lessons, and private lessons taylored to your goals and strengths.