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Music: The Best Anti-Anxiety Medicine.

By. Sebastian Gomez How do you (personally) deal with anxiety? Maybe you hit the gym, drink some hot tea, binge watch the newest Netflix original, or (if things are looking really bleak) the classic paper bag technique. Well science suggests that you should add a musical instrument to your daily dose of anti-anxiety activities. Dr.…
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Hildegard Von Bingen: The Musical Saint

By James Stovall No figure in the history of music blends musicology with faith as poignantly as Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179), sometimes known as Sibyl of the Rhine. She was a twelfth century German Benedictine Nun who defies all modern preconceptions of the stereotypical religious of the Middle Ages. In 2012 she was formally canonized…
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This Song is Killing Me

Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa (1560-1613) was a late renaissance Italian nobleman, lute player, composer, and murderer. In music he is particularly remembered for his chromatic harmonies that were ahead of their time. Indeed the eccentric qualities of his music would not be embraced for three hundred years, chromatics not coming into their own until the Late Romantic Period.